Fiberwig Mascara

Beyond mascara! It's Paint-On False Lashes

Beyond mascara! Fiberwig contains double the fiber for
dramatic length! Plenty of fibers adhere and seal onto your
lashes. The more you apply, the longer your lashes become!

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No more Panda-Eyes! Bye-bye smudging!

Fiberwig's light film coating defines and separates each lash while creating a fresh and natural gloss finish. Thanks to the film-coated lashes, Fiberwig will not smear nor smudge when you tear or sweat.

Wear it on hot, humid or rainy days without fear of smudging anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Apply it in the morning for work straight through late at night without worrying about Panda-Eyes!

Take plenty fibers and apply it unto your lashes repeatedly, no need to worry about clumping and flaking. The special brush works with the fibers by separating eyelashes one by one.

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Surprisingly Warm Water Removal

Fiberwig's film coating resists tears, oil, and sweat. Yet when you are ready to remove, all that is needed is warm water! It is surprising warm-water-removal.

Fiberwig absorbs the warm water and then swells, making it easy to slide off your lashes. When washing your face, simply wet your lashes with warm water. Then gently slide off the fibers with your finger and thumb.

Made a mistake?

Have you ever applied mascara but mistakenly missed your lashes only to dab some on your face? Fiberwig is easy to remove. Simply wait a couple of seconds for it to dry and peal off with a Q-tip.

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Application tips

The more fibers you add, the longer your lashes become

1. When pulling the brush from the tube, be sure to gather plenty of fibers. You will immediately see the fibers on the brush.

2. Start applying the fibers to your lashes by using the tip of the brush. Add fibers to both the top and bottom part of your upper lashes. This will film-coat your lashes completely.

3. Apply fibers on the top part of your lashes too.

4. Once fibers are added unto the lash, use the brush to stroke the lashes from root to tip until desired length is reached.

5. To achieve the best length, be sure to dip the brush into the tube between layers to gather more fibers.

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